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Relevancy.AI is an annual subscription to The Relevancy Group's original research. Based on your subscription level you receive up to 38 original research reports each year as well as access to our back catalog of research, data, webinars, and access to speak with tenured industry analysts.


Relevancy.AI coverage areas include digital marketing, advertising, industries, and individuals. The subscription includes multiple buyer's guides on topics including ESPs, CDPs, agencies, AI/ML, personalization, analytics, data management and more. Stay up-to-date with the latest digital transformation, b-to-c, and b-to-b marketing strategies and tactics.


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Client Testimonials

“The Relevancy Group’s research is thoroughly thoughtful and utilized in our marketing decisions particularly in our vendor selection and digital transformation priorities. They have saved us time and money and are an extension of our team.”                           Global CMO, Fortune 500 Brand

“The Relevancy Ring - ESP Buyer's Guide is the most comprehensive piece of research on our industry. The Relevancy Group team have thoughtful and thorough advice and their deep knowledge of the marketplace is valuable.”           

                     Matt Seely, SVP Products, Merkle, Inc.

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